How Living with Less Can Lead to So Much More E2

Screen Shot 2018-05-02 at 7.58.28 PM.pngCourtney Carver was one of the first bloggers to tackle the power of simplicity.  She has shown readers and followers how important simplicity is to improving our health, building more meaningful relationships and relieving stress in our lives.  I first met Courtney at a book signing for her new book Soulful Simplicity and I absolutely fell in love with her story and her message.  Today she continues to get real about all of the lies society tells us about success and happiness so that we can show up as our best selves and live the life we deserve. 


As someone who is working to share my own journey with others, this was such an important topic for me to talk about.  Courtney shares her perspective on allowing things to happen in their own time.  And the importance of giving yourself time to process them.  An important part of her story was allowing it to unfold on it’s own.  If you have a crazy brain like I do, you might be always trying to chase the answers and predict the future.  Courtney reminds us that patience is queen when it comes to letting things marinate so they can reveal themselves.


Oh my goodness were my eyes opened when I first heard about the concept of busy-ness.  Courtney points out that in today’s society, we wear our busy-ness as a badge of honor and we use it to justify our worth.  And ain’t that the truth!  Courtney shares how she needed to change the measuring system of how she measured her own worth.  She says she could no longer measure who she was by how much she accomplished.  Is anyone else guilty of that?   Courtney reminds us that we need to give our work breathing room and allow ourselves to be curious so that we can create more intentionally.   A tool Courtney uses is morning meditation that helps her move through her day with intention instead of just bouncing from thing to thing.   I love when she speaks about focusing on consistency over intensity, because it is the things that we do every day that make up our lives!


It is just so dang easy to start to compare ourselves.  I love when Courtney says: we are desperate to measure ourselves against something.  She is right on.  How much time do we spend looking at our neighbor or even at our own expectations of who we should be or what we should be doing?  Instead of asking the world what will make us happy, Courtney suggests looking inward and asking ourselves.  She encourages us resist the temptation to find an easy answer in what our peers are doing and instead take a hard look at what we need to be doing to reach our own goals.

You’ll love this episode for how honest and on point Courtney is when she talks about why she decided to trust herself and stop listening to all of the noise out there.  If speaks to your heart even a fraction of how much she has spoken to mine, I promise my friend you’ll start to see places in your own life that you could change for the better!

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