My Simplicity Story and What You Can Expect From This Podcast E1


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Wow, THANK YOU for being here with me! 

I am so excited to be sharing my journey towards simplicity and having you here to learn right along side me from kick-booty women who are seriously making waves when it comes to redefining success and health.

In this first episode I am sharing how I stumbled upon the idea of simple living and how the idea grew into something that completely changed my life.  I will highlight a couple of the big ah-ha moments I had. And how, slowly but surely I am learning to make more space in my life.


My simplicity journey started with my dad’s terminal cancer diagnosis.   In this episode I talk about choosing to focus on love in the face of fear.  It doesn’t need to be a terminal illness that strike fear into our lives.  Fear is a driving factor in so many of our everyday decisions.  Now when I am feeling overwhelmed by certain emotions or circumstances, I am able to trace that feeling back to a deeper rooted feeling of fear.  Once I recognize that, then I have more perspective and am able to address my circumstance from a place of love.  Living with less has helped me to create space for more love in my life when I am able to let go of those things, physical and emotional, that are based in fear.  


When I moved away from metropolitan life to small town Wisconsin with my husband, I worried a lot about loosing touch with my health, my style and my life.  As a 23 year old, newly married entrepreneur, who barely left her home and was suddenly in a place where she only knew two people, I had some work ahead of me to figure out how I was going to live the life that I wanted.  In many ways it was a fresh start for me.  A chance to say: Here I am, and I have an opportunity to live the life I want to live.   We all have the capacity to make the most out of life’s circumstances but it requires looking at our lives from a place of love which is not always easy. 


These days I can usually be found in my studio or my kitchen surrounded by snacks and a mess. Because despite the stigma associated with minimalism, living a simple isn’t about a pristine home or stark white, bare walls.  It’s about getting rid of everything in your life that isn’t serving you, so you can focus on the things that are.  

It is easy to get caught up in the lie that there is a right way to live a sustainable lifestyle.  This podcast is not going to be a place where we sit and listen to experts telling us the right and wrong ways to live simply and sustainably, leaving you feeling like you can’t eat a burger or like you need to go out and buy hemp sheets.  Instead, it is going to be a positive uplifting space that starts conversations.  I want you to be able to show up here as yourself with an open heart and an open mind listen to other people who might have a different way of doing things, that really might serve you.  I want it to be a place where you can try on things that you like and leave things that you don’t like.  Because this is all about creating a life that serves you, and that is going to look different for every single person. 

I hope you love this episode and it inspires you to open your mind to what living more simply could look like in your life!

2 thoughts on “My Simplicity Story and What You Can Expect From This Podcast E1”

  1. Meg you are an inspiration to us all! This was my first podcast and I thought it was very informative and interesting!


    1. I am so honored that my podcast was the first one you have listened to! And that you enjoyed it makes it even better!


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