Maintaining a Clear Focus on What’s Important and Organic Farming

Screen Shot 2018-05-02 at 8.01.02 PMSarah Leong and her partner, Pat, are the farmers at Squashington Farm, an organic farm in Mount Horeb WI.  Squashington has been alive in their hearts since 2013, and became a reality in 2016.  Today they continue to grow food for themselves, their friends and family, and community.

Maintaining a clear focus on what’s important:

One of the things I found most inspiring about Sarah’s story is how she always trusts her intuition.  She gracefully moves through life, embracing opportunities as they come and accepting set backs as part of her path.  She has created a routine with her partner that effortlessly supports their goals.  From slow mornings with a good breakfast and coffee to fieldwork, her days are spent intentionally.  She credits her mom for providing her with an understanding of the connectedness of the world.  Her well-rounded view of health goes far beyond the organic vegetables she grows. 

Living and eating with the seasons:

As a farmer, living with the seasons is part of the job description. Sarah’s world exists in the ebb and flow of nature’s timeline. But living more seasonally is something Sarah encourages her community to do as well.  She speaks about the benefits of eating locally and preserving food.  Living and eating with the seasons encourages more mindful decisions and a slower pace of life.  She sets her priorities to get the most out of what each season has to offer.   She is a believer in taking the time to make a big mess and preparing food for a whole year.  She shares that there is no easy way to do it, it will take a long time but it will be worth it.  

Belonging to a community that sustains itself:

Sarah speaks so warmly about the community where she lives and works.  She shares that her favorite aspect of running a business is being integrated into the lives of those in the community.   Having learned farming on their own, Sarah says that she and Pat have gained so much knowledge from folks in the area.  She likens her community to a closed loop system where the members take care of each other and that is what makes them healthy.

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