Making Slowness Attainable for the Everywoman E5

Screen Shot 2018-06-06 at 9.36.59 AMAlisa Hetrick is a content creator, photographer and travel enthusiast.  In 2016 she founded Moon Magazine which is a magazine made for the wild and complicated woman.  Their goal is to inspire and inform the wild, layered, spirited, everyday woman.


Living in the midwest, Alisa saw a need to speak to the women who feel like they are in the middle of it all.  I love that she wanted to create something for the average, everyday woman.  Alisa is quick to point out that words like average and everyday can have a negative connotation but just because these women might not be chasing careers as actors or editors on either of the coasts, doesn’t mean they aren’t also striving for successful lives.  Her magazine is full of content that helps women define what success looks like in their own lives and helps them live more in alignment with their goals. 


Something that I love about Alisa is how openly she speaks about her own insecurities.  Particularly how the need for perfection kept her from chasing a lot of her dreams.  She shares about how she overcame the fear of creating work and sharing it despite that fact that it might not be perfect.  And how accepting imperfection has allowed her to gain confidence and own who she is.  Alisa gets real about the challenge of shaking perfectionism and the honest truth that most people aren’t paying that close attention to what you are doing anyway! She encourages other women to have the courage and bravery to say I am going to try this and it doesn’t need to be perfect.


Alisa believes that living a slower, more sustainable lifestyle doesn’t need to come with limiting rules and enlightened terms.  She wants to create a space where people can just explore what living more mindfully could look like without making it intimidating.  She strives to speak about minimalism in a way that isn’t so wordy.  Something that I loved about our conversation is how Alisa speaks about mindfulness in such a real and relatable way.  She says that exploring slow living doesn’t need to be so extreme, amen sister!

If you have been looking for a way to ease into slow living, you will absolutely love this episode!

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