Making Your Life Your Own and Turning Those Dreams Into Reality E7

Screen Shot 2018-06-19 at 7.44.19 AMSamantha Whillock is a camp dweller, photographer, and bloodhound mama who is currently converting a school bus her partner, Jackson McDowell.  Together they make up Jack Pine and Thyme, a team that helps small businesses build their brand by allowing folks to tap into their idea tank, and using the skills they have been blessed with.  They have recently taken residence at a girls camp where they serve as Media Director and Wilderness Director during the summer and take care of the land during the off season.  


Something I love about this episode is how connected everything is.  Samantha connects the slow fashion movement to the slow flower movement.  I had never even heard of the slow flower movement but Samantha explains how it helped show her the importance of shopping local.  When she wanted to apply this same mindset to her clothing, she didn’t get caught up in the rules of how other people had said a capsule wardrobe should be done.  She dug in and did the research and then she made it her own.  She created her new wardrobe by noticing what clothing she was actually wearing and what she took care of.  Then she invested in some great staples that she knew she would take care of.  Samantha is so inspiring in the way that she lives her life the best way she can and doesn’t let others or society dictate what that life looks like.


When Samantha and her partner decided that they were going to commit to slowing down their lives, they made a list of goals that they wanted to achieve through slowness.  One of her goals was making more.  Samantha says that what she truly loves is to be creative.  One of my favorite parts of this episode is when Samantha says that a lot of things that she used to dream about can actually happen now because of her partner and their lifestyle.  Jackson also inspired her decision to dress with less.  She says that he is a guy who knows what he likes and sticks to it.  She realized that she had too much and she was spending too much time picking out what she was going to wear.  She decided that instead of dressing for anyone else and being someone she wasn’t, that she was going to create a wardrobe that served her well and wear what she liked.


My heart was going wild when Samantha shared her struggle of trying and failing to do it all. Because, goodness, have I been there!  Samantha talks about juggling being a good girlfriend, a good family member, and a good friend.  She says that she was focusing on too many things and not doing a great job on just a couple of things.  She finally noticed that she wasn’t enjoying the process of things anymore.  I love that Samantha decided to take a look at her priorities and start to focus on things like being a good dog mom and a good daughter, things that were really important to her that she noticed were slipping.  Now she has become okay with the work that she is doing and reminds herself that it is enough. 

If you are looking for a better you to give those around you, Samantha is your gal!  You’ll love how candid and heartfelt her story is and the lessons you can take from it to apply to your own life.

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