How to Start Making Zero Waste Happen in Your Life and Compost Cocktails E8

Screen Shot 2018-06-27 at 7.34.01 AMJess Carpenter is the woman behind the blog Jess with Less, a blog filled with compost cocktails and ethical fashion.  She shares tips on a Zero Waste Lifestyle and intentional living.  She is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to reducing excess in our lives and I can’t wait to hear all that she has to share. 


Jess is a lady who walks the walk.  She says she is going to do something and then she does it.  Her journey towards a more simple lifestyle started when she was trying to pay off her debt.  But she found that so much more than her wallet benefited from a simpler lifestyle.  She is a master of the second hand market and you guys will love all of the tips she shares about how to save money and save the planet, not only through your wardrobe.  However, her wardrobe has changed since she started a life with less waste.  Jess had to start listening to what she actually wore and how she felt about her lifestyle, instead of listening to social media which filled her head with things that didn’t fit into her life, sound familiar? She shares how she now balances comfort and style in her clothing without looking like everyone else. 


Jess says: I loved the idea of creating less trash.  But she knew that her whole life wouldn’t be changed at once.  She is a wealth of knowledge about reducing waste in places like your kitchen and your bathroom.  And once she started practicing these things in her own life, her friends started asking her how they could do it too.  Jess gets real in this episode about her fear that her point of view wasn’t valuable but she found that so many people were unaware of the huge impact some easy changes could make.  She encourages everyone to put their voice out there, because you are going to help somebody out.   She now has a blog jam packed with actionable content to help others carry out a lower-waste lifestyle. 

A few of Jess’s tips:

-Replace paper towels and napkins with cloth ones, you can even buy them second hand.  This saves money and paper waste 🙂

-Invest in glass containers, compared to plastic they are better for your health, your wallet and the planet. 

-Switch from plastic wrap and sandwich bags to a plastic free alternative like Bee’s Wrap (you can use these 1000 times when a sandwich bag you can only use once)


I learned something huge from this episode, the power of preparation!  Jess does things like causally carry a fork and a straw in her purse, which can save a bunch of waste.  She says that once you make a habit out of it, it’s not even a thought.  For Jess, having a fork is as normal as having a wallet in her bag.  Talk about sustainability goals!  Food waste is another huge topic that Jess takes on by simply slowing down and creating new habits.  You will love her tip on how to compost even if you don’t have space for one.  She even shares how you can make cocktails from your compost.  If you are anything like me, Jess will inspire you to get your booty in gear with those lower-waste switches that you have been thinking about making for a while now.  She says that you can slowly branch out.  Even though you might feel weird at first, people will start to ask you about it, and want to learn from you.  Jess preaches that one person can inspire so many, SO JUST DO IT! 

This is one of my favorite episodes so far and I absolutely can not wait for it to hit your ears!  

The amazing resources Jess referenced:

Zero Waste Home

The Mind Palace Podcast 

Trash is for Tossers

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