Finding Great Labels and Making Educated Purchases E9

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Kelly LaFerriere spends her days exploring ways to be an ethical and sustainable consumer and she shares all of that on her blog, The Good Wear.  Kelly is SO passionate about the power of good products and I can’t wait for you to hear what she has to say about changing your mindset about clothing, the push for transparency from clothing labels, and letting go of connivence. 


Kelly will remind you of why you got excited about ethical fashion in the first place.  And if you haven’t been excited about ethical fashion yet, then Kelly may be just the gal to turn you!  Kelly also connects the slow fashion movement to the slow food movement and explains how it is all one thing.  Questioning our food and what is in it and where that came from has helped us realize that what goes into our bodies matters.  And guess what friends, what we put on our bodies matters too!  Kelly speaks about the revival of people being compassionate about the products they use everyday and wanting know more about where they came from.  You’ll love how she reaffirms that the intentional time we put into supporting great labels really does benefit us so much long term.


Here’s a crazy fact for you, today brands release 52 seasons per year when they used to release only 4!  Kelly will totally help you realize that consumers really do have the power when it comes to ethical products.  She says that there is a push for brands to provide newness because that is what the consumer is expecting.  And she is right on! What if we start expecting products with integrity that are high quality and were made well?  One of my favorite things about Kelly is how knowledgable she is about spending habits.  She says that clothing is not treated as an investment anymore, we used to treat our clothes a lot differently.  There is A LOT of noise out there telling us that we need more.  But Kelly knows that we can change our mindsets as consumers by making small shifts when we go shopping.  We can avoid buying repeat clothing and start considering the cost-per-wear of the clothing we purchase.  And that’s just the beginning.


Kelly is all about digging in and doing your research before you shop.  And blogs like hers make is so easy to research ethical brands and learn what they are all about before you buy.  Kelly shares that you should be able to get thirty wears out of a clothing item, thirty, think about that!  Getting that kind of milage out of your clothing takes an educated buying decision!  Kelly gets real about how hard this can be.  She says, It’s not easy to switch from something that we are used to being so convenient to something that takes a little more time.  Kelly has so many great tips around shifting our mindsets towards how we value our time and what we invest in.  If you’ve been avoiding your first ethical purchase because you think it’s too expensive or you don’t know good labels to support, this episode is a must hear. 

Kelly is so inspiring in how she jumps right in and lifts up brands that are making true strides in the industry.  This is a great listen and I think you will love it!

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