Leading By Example and Finding Your Why E12

Screen Shot 2018-08-21 at 11.34.41 AMChristine Liu is a YouTuber, photographer, writer and educator!  She is constantly sharing resources for sustainable and zero waste living and this episode is no exception.  What I love most about Christine is her pure heart and her purpose to help others.  You can hear the passion in her voice when she speaks about how we can all change our lifestyles, if only just a little, to change the world.


Christine starts off by saying, don’t be intimidated to take on the lifestyle overnight!  I agree with her so much that the key to success about taking slow and consistent steps along the way.  Christine also points out that living zero waste is usually accompanied by a minimalist lifestyle.  Living more minimally means that you are removing all of the busy-ness and clutter from your life to create more time for what’s important.  Yes it might take some time to change your habits, but once you do, you might find yourself actually saving time!  I love it when Christine talks about being sustainable with yourself.  Making small changes that you can stick to will serve you so much more than trying to change everything at once and realizing you aren’t making time for what’s really important to you.


Not everyone in your life is going to value living a responsible lifestyle like you want to. Christine knows this better than anyone.  First with her parents and now with her husband, Christine shares the struggle to bringing others along on your sustainability journey.  In this episode, she shares great tips on how to lead by example and show others instead of trying to force your lifestyle on them.  I learned a lot about how I can make small changes that will work for myself and my husband.  And guess what guys?  It’s okay to slip up once and a while! We are only human after all, be gracious with yourself.


Something I appreciate so much about Christine is how honest she is about her journey.  I resonate so much when she shares about her faith and how it is the driving force behind everything she does.  She lives her life to love the Lord and to love others and it has served her so well in leading a life she is proud of.  Christine shares about how she found her why and how pivotal that was for her to living out her purpose.  I agree so much when Christine tells us that we can make a difference with how we choose to live our lives!

If you are needing some motivation in your sustainability goals, Christine might be just the spark you needed to light that fire!  I think you’ll absolutely love this episode!

Link to Christine’s book, Sustainable Home on Amazon

In this episode Christine referenced:

Zero Waste Bloggers Network

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