Getting Educated on Eating Locally and Avoiding Overwhelm E14

Screen Shot 2018-09-04 at 11.43.40 AMJessie Johnson is a podcaster, chef, and food educator.  She is absolutely hilarious as she shares recipes and real life but she also sheds light on the important work of creating sustainable food systems.  She is full of knowledge about our food and she shares it on her blog, Life As A Strawberry and her podcast, At The Table.  This episode is jam packed with resources for you if you are looking to simplify your eating and support healthy food systems.


Jessie is a huge advocate, as a academic who has spent a lot of life as a researcher, she saw a disconnect between the research and the education that consumers had when it came to making sustainable food choices.  So like a true activist, Jessie decided to do something about it!  In this episode she talks all about how as consumers we can educate ourselves through resources that actually make these issues easy to understand.  Jessie says, everyone was talking about food and no one was talking about where it came from.  So she now makes information more accessible for people.  You guys, this was sticking so many chords for me because I see a lot of those same disconnects in the clothing industry!


First of all, Jessie says that taking baby steps is good!  Focus on what you are doing right and celebrate the small victories.  As with anything, finding success in simplifying your eating comes from being consistent with your choices.  If this looks like setting small goals so you can meet them, then do that!  Jessie tells us to find options that are manageable for us!  And man did I need to hear that!  Another huge part of avoiding the overwhelm that comes with trying to improve your current habits is ignoring the bullies out there!  Someone is also going to be there so say that you aren’t doing enough and Jessie reminds us that we can eat a cheeseburger and not be terrible people! Amen to that!  Jessie speaks so much truth when she says that, we are all products of a food system that has taught us to like certain things, like Oreos and cheese burgers.  So we do what we can!


Jessie says that ‘sustainable’ is such a buzzword and she couldn’t be more right!  For Jessie being sustainable with our food choices means, taking what we need from the land without denying future generations to do so also.  And she doesn’t sugar coat it when she says that our current food system is very wasteful. But the beautiful part about all of this is that we can all make small changes that together can add up to a big difference.  Jessie shares few tips on how to eat locally, even in the winter seasons.  First of all she says, be smart about meal planning!  I love it that she is also so real and admits that she only succeeds with meal planning about 70% of the time.  Can you relate??  She suggests repurpose seasonal stuff to be available during the winter.  This can look like making chili and tomato soup out of farmer’s market tomatoes and freezing it to eat in the winter.  She also says they eat more bread and cookies in the winter and, come on, who doesn’t love comfort during those cozy winter months?!

There is so much goodness in this episode! Whether you have been trying to eat more sustainably or this is the first time you are hearing about it, you’ll definitely learn some helpful tips here 🙂


The Breach documentary

Life As A Strawberry Blog

At the Table Podcast

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