Using Your Wardrobe As A Starting Point For Wellness E15

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Jella is an ethical fashion and conscious lifestyle blogger who is passionate about minimalism, sustainability, social justice, and personal growth.  She is a former shopaholic who has journeyed into the minimalist lifestyle. She love curating her capsule wardrobe and enjoys meaningful conversations over coffee or Chai Latte. 


I think there is such a stigma out there about young people and where their priorities are.  I personally have never related to the don’t-buy-a-house-and-instead-travel-the-world mindset.  Mostly because I am a home body and a family gal.  But I definitely can relate to wanting to invest in experiences over things.  I so love talking to Jella about this because she brings it down to earth for me.  Jella says that instead of investing in material goods, she now invests in things like workshops, coffee with a friend, boxing lessons.  And I am reminded that you don’t have to donate all of your belongings and buy a one way ticket to another country to be investing in experiences.  When you shift your mindset away from material goods, you open up space for connection, friendship and personal growth.  Jella says that who she spends her time with, the books she read, and the things she watches have all also changed with this journey towards a more conscious lifestyle. 


This is something that I have heard so much from people lately, that Instagram is becoming a destructive part of their lives.  For Jella, the pressure to be perfect when posting online was too much and she needed to step away.  I love it when Jella says that her intentions were good.  She wanted to bring value to people who are trying to live more consciously.  But she lost her focus and instead Instagram became a place where she was comparing herself to others that were in the sustainable community.  Seeing everyone’s highlight reel on social media is tough. Especially when we are comparing our real lives to those highlights.  Jella has the best advice when she says,  pause before you go on social media to think, what is my intention here?  Remind yourself that you are not going to get the whole story online.  Jella also says that social media isn’t all bad, it can be an amazing resource to help be inspired and achieve your goals, just remember you aren’t getting everyone’s full reality there. 


Jella says that her secret to creating a lifestyle that she can sustain is giving herself grace in the process.  And you guys, this is just so important.  Living a conscious lifestyle is hard!  Jella described it perfectly when she say, it is simple but it is not easy.  Choosing to live with less takes time and it definitely doesn’t happen overnight!  I can relate so much when Jella talks about bringing her reusable water bottle with her everywhere she goes.  She sees other women also bringing reusable straws and forks.  But before Jella compares herself to these women and thinks that she isn’t doing enough, she stops and instead celebrates that she is bringing her water bottle every day and that she can sustain that change in her life.  I just wanted to throw my arms around her and give her a big hug because I struggle with this comparison game so much! Jella says, we forget to celebrate the little things because there is a pressure to be perfect.  Amen to that!

You will fall in love with Jella and her journey in this episode.  It will remind you that it’s okay to not being doing everything perfectly, because you are human!  I hope this episode inspires you to love yourself and your own journey! 


True Cost Documentary 

Fashion Rev (USA)

Fashion Rev (Philippines)


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