Shopping Ethically and Always Moving Forward E16

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Shannon is a woman who seriously kicks some booty!  After co-founding a sustainable clothing brand, she saw a need for an accelerator program for sustainable fashion brands, so she launched Factory45 to do just that.  She recently decided to take on the fast fashion scene that clutters IG  by integrating more sustainable and ethical fashion onto her account.  She is a momprenuer who still makes time to live an ethical and sustainable lifestyle and she shares how others can too! I can not wait to hear from her! 


I love it when Shannon says that she was a fast fashion bargain bin junkie.  I mean, we have all been there right?  But it took Shannon learning about how dirty the industry was and really changing her mindset about what she was going to prioritize in her life for her to adjust her shopping habits.  Shannon speaks to the power of shopping secondhand.  For people who don’t think they can afford to shop responsibly Shannon says, you can afford secondhand.  And after all, there is nothing more sustainable than keeping old clothing out of the landfill.  Honestly, when you try to shop more responsibly, you find yourself buying less and only investing in pieces that you really love.  You might just find that because you are buying less, you can afford those pieces that were made well and will serve you well. 


There is a lot of greenwashing happening right now as brands claim to be sustainable.  Shannon says that puts the work on the consumer to do the work and ask the questions.  What can help you out is that usually if a brand is ethical, they are going to put that on their website because they are proud of it.  If they don’t have any information about supply chain or how the garment was made, that’s a sign that you are going to want to ask more questions.  I love it when Shannon reminds us that here is no one perfectly sustainable way to produce clothing!  She says, there is no such thing as perfectly sustainable and any brand that tells you they are 100% perfectly sustainable is probably up to something.


Shannon speaks so much wisdom into the process of living our best lives.  She says that the most important thing is to always keep moving forward, because there are not guarantees that you are doing the right thing.  Shannon says, you are aways going to be evolving and thats a good thing because it means that you are always going to be learning.  You guys, nothing is ever going to be perfect and you could always be doing something better.  Shannon reminds us to give ourselves the grace to make mistakes.  Shannon says something that helped her was to find an open door and to keep exploring that, not stopping and retreating at the first obstacle.   I can definitely relate when Shannon says that it is so easy to let fear and procrastination get in the way of pushing forward.  But the key is to always keep moving forward.  Shannon says, you won’t know if it’s the absolute right thing.  Move forward, try not to question yourself, and things are going to work out because no matter what, that path is going to take you somewhere that you aren’t currently standing. Amen!

Shannon gave me such good perspective and so many things to think about!  I know you will feel the same way after listening to this episode. 


True Cost documentary 

To Die For, Is Fashion Wearing Out the World by Lucy Siegle 

Factory 45

Who Gives A Crap

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