Creating A Routine You Love and Getting Started With A Sustainable Wardrobe E18

Screen Shot 2018-10-02 at 4.07.05 PMKatina Gad is the founder of Unity Outfitters, a label making eco-friendly, made in the U.S.A., naturally dyed lingerie.  She also just launched her crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter so we thought it would be so fun to do an episode together to talk all about how we got here!  In this episode both of us answer questions from the listeners about creating a routine you love, appreciating the ones that build you up, and getting started with a sustainable wardrobe.


In the life of an entrepreneur, every single day is so different.  Something that Katina and I both value very highly is creating a daily routine in which we can be productive and creative.  It is so fun to hear what happens behind the scenes of other ethical start-ups.  I love hearing Katina’s routine and how she works daily to build a brand she believes in.  From walking her dog, to taking care of herself, to the crazy work that needs to be done for Unity Outfitters, the most important thing is creating consistency in her routine.  I couldn’t agree more and sticking to my healthy routine is something I continue to work towards!


One of my favorite questions that we are asked in this episode is: What has been your greatest success/moment of having your own business thus far?  For Katina, a moment was hearing her mom say that she was proud of her.  And I can relate to this so much because my parents have supported me so much throughout this journey.  At the end of the day, it’s the people rallying around you who are making it happen with you.  Those moments in which the full weight of their love and support wash over me honestly bring me to tears.  I love hearing Katina’s similar story. 


I love sharing about how we can all start taking steps to make our wardrobes more sustainable.  Because it doesn’t need to be a dramatic overhaul!  In this episode I share some of my favorite ways that you can get started shopping more sustainably and I loved the advice that Katina shares.  It is always so fun and beneficial to get together and chat with like minded women to bounce ideas off of each other.  Katina has so much great advice to share and so many resources to offer!  I really enjoy hearing her perspective and I think you will too!

This episode is an honest heart to heart between two gals who are trying to make some big dreams happen sharing their triumphs and struggles along the way.  I hope you love it! 


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Books about Feminism : Feminism Is For Everyone +  Sister Outsider

Books about Simplifying : Chasing Slow + Soulful Simplicity

Kickstarter : Unity Outfitters Nine56 Capsule + What is Kickstarter

Other cool clothing labels : Elizabeth Suzann + Winsome Goods 

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