Finding What Isn’t Working and Holistic Healing E19

Screen Shot 2018-10-09 at 1.42.07 PMMegan is a self proclaimed former worry wort, shop-a-holic, borderline hoarder who’s struggled over half her life with eating disorders, anxiety and depression.  She became clear on her goals and what was important to her and started living a life she was passionate about.  She now spends her days experimenting with plant-based recipes, taking yoga classes, and blogging all about her journey.

There are just way to many topics I want to cover in one episode so buckle up everyone because this episode is going to be jam packed with goodness.  


Megan thought that she had tried everything to help with her depression, anxiety and eating disorders.  She was so burned out from all of the medicines that she was taking that didn’t really work.  That’s when she discovered functional medicine and it changed here whole life.  Megan says, my eyes were opened to a whole new way of life and a new way of treating all of the symptoms I had.  In this episode Megan explains what practicing functional medicine looked like in her life from food to therapy to acupuncture.  It is so fun to learn from Megan what tools she used to figure out where she needed to start making changes in her whole life.  She gives such good examples of how functional medicine helped actually treat her symptoms instead of just cover them up!  


I am so inspired by how intentional Megan is and the tools she used to start looking at what wasn’t working in her life.  She says that she was surprised to find that her environment was an area of my life where I was feeling off balance.  Which really struck a chord with me because I am always preaching the importance of our environments and making our spaces work for us.  This doesn’t need to look like stark white walls or bare wood floors!   Megan says that the trick for her was creating a minimal-ish lifestyle.  She says, I have allowed myself to have some balance.  I love it when she reminds us to have so much compassion with ourselves because we are our own worst critics.  Megan says, I have realized that I don’t get anywhere by being hard on myself but I can get so far with having compassion for myself.


In this episode Megan talks about something that is so important and not talked about enough in the world of simplifying: getting rid of the toxic people in our lives.  If we are living to only have things in our life that serve us, this includes people!  Megan said that she realized that she was in some relationships where she was allowing herself to be used, or was simply friends with someone out of convenience.  She says,  I got tired of being a push-over.  She stopped prioritizing those relationships in her life and those people naturally started to drift away.  I can relate so much when Megan realized that, if I am being treated like this, this is not a relationship that I want to pursue anyway.  Megan reminds us that we can’t change people, so let’s stop wasting our energy trying!

You will love this episode for how honest and wise Megan is and for all of the resources she provides that you can dig into more right here!


Wheel Of Life 

Food Choices documentary 

Fed Up documentary

The Broken Brain by Nancy C. Andreasen

The 5 Second Rule by Mel Robins 

The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F**k by Mark Manson

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