Making Time For What’s Important and Carrying Grief E20

Screen Shot 2018-10-17 at 8.21.24 AMLindsay Krage is a mother, skatepark owner, and runs a from scratch school kitchen.  The biggest project in her life right now is building a home focused on more sustainable practices.  Lindsay is a gardener, cook, seamstress, I mean is there anything she can’t do!  Lindsey is major goals for anyone who is trying to slow down and clean up their lifestyle.


Lindsay has an amazing list of hobbies.  This lady, bakes, knits, sews, gardens, cooks, (the list goes on)  When I ask her how she makes time for it all, she has an amazing answer.  Lindsay says that she is learning to let some other things go to make time for herself.  She is letting go of the things she feels like she should be doing, like always cleaning and doing chores, do make time for the work that fill her cup up.  By giving herself some grace in the expectations she has on herself, she is able to show up for a more fulfilling life for herself.  And she is able to pass that example along to her kiddos.


One of my favorite quotes from Lindsay in this episode is when she says, to have a healthy planet, we must first have a healthy life.  Because that is 100% what I believe and what I am always talking about.  For Lindsay, this looks like feeding her family good food, treating their land well, and being a teacher where she can.  I love it that Lindsay wants to raise her kids to be curious and feel like they can question why things are the way they are.  She says that is important for them to have names for things and be able to identify plants and animals around them.  Lindsay says, knowing where your food comes from can be really powerful and it’s important to hold as sacred.


A connection point that Lindsay and I share is that we both lost our fathers to cancer.  Lindsay speaks so much truth into what it means to be carrying grief.  She says, it is something that is heavy on your heart that might not be obvious to other people.  And that is a really hard thing.  Lindsay says that through losing her father, she has learned to value life.  I love it when she says that valuing like can look different for different people.  For Lindsay it looks like trying a lot of new things and trying to life a full life.  But, like everything else, there is a balance to be found here and I love that we are able to dig into that in this episode.

This episode digs into so many aspects of living simply and sustainably.  We talk about the hard stuff and the good stuff.  Building a life you are proud if is sometimes pretty unglamorous but at the same time is so fulfilling.  Lindsay is such an inspiration to me to keep pursuing my simple dreams.

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