Making Slowness Attainable for the Everywoman E5

Screen Shot 2018-06-06 at 9.36.59 AMAlisa Hetrick is a content creator, photographer and travel enthusiast.  In 2016 she founded Moon Magazine which is a magazine made for the wild and complicated woman.  Their goal is to inspire and inform the wild, layered, spirited, everyday woman.


Living in the midwest, Alisa saw a need to speak to the women who feel like they are in the middle of it all.  I love that she wanted to create something for the average, everyday woman.  Alisa is quick to point out that words like average and everyday can have a negative connotation but just because these women might not be chasing careers as actors or editors on either of the coasts, doesn’t mean they aren’t also striving for successful lives.  Her magazine is full of content that helps women define what success looks like in their own lives and helps them live more in alignment with their goals. 


Something that I love about Alisa is how openly she speaks about her own insecurities.  Particularly how the need for perfection kept her from chasing a lot of her dreams.  She shares about how she overcame the fear of creating work and sharing it despite that fact that it might not be perfect.  And how accepting imperfection has allowed her to gain confidence and own who she is.  Alisa gets real about the challenge of shaking perfectionism and the honest truth that most people aren’t paying that close attention to what you are doing anyway! She encourages other women to have the courage and bravery to say I am going to try this and it doesn’t need to be perfect.


Alisa believes that living a slower, more sustainable lifestyle doesn’t need to come with limiting rules and enlightened terms.  She wants to create a space where people can just explore what living more mindfully could look like without making it intimidating.  She strives to speak about minimalism in a way that isn’t so wordy.  Something that I loved about our conversation is how Alisa speaks about mindfulness in such a real and relatable way.  She says that exploring slow living doesn’t need to be so extreme, amen sister!

If you have been looking for a way to ease into slow living, you will absolutely love this episode!


Staying Resilient and Owning an Ethical Fashion Label E4

Screen Shot 2018-05-30 at 8.24.17 AMKathryn Sterner is the founder and designer at Winsome Goods, an ethical women’s clothing label in Minneapolis, MN.  She is a wonderfully innovative designer with a mission of creating timeless and sustainable garments.  One of the most unique aspects of Winsome is that all of the clothing is made under one roof.  Keeping the whole production process in the same studio was something that was essential to Kathryn when building Winsome.  Today she works with her small team to produce versatile garments in their Minneapolis studio and storefront.  She continues to focus on serving the people most intimately connected with the production process, the men and women who produce our clothing.


Listening to Kathryn share her story, you will feel like a longtime friend.  There is a familiarly about the way she modestly told us about the unfolding of Winsome Goods.  She shared about the importance of sustainability in her upbringing and her father who is a climate scientist.  You will hear the intimacy in her voice when she talks about her desire to make space for a family and her efforts in working towards a life with less stress.  Right now, one of her priorities is to set up her business so that she can have the relaxed, comfortable life that she dreams about.  Are you taking steps to make the life you dream about a reality?


Her passion and intention to contribute to the world in a more sustainable way are two of the reasons that Kathryn left her ‘safe’ job in a windowless office.  She spoke a lot about the top-down pressures she felt that encouraged her to take the leap to run Winsome full-time.  You will relate to Kathryn’s struggle to make time for herself now that all of her attention is going to growing Winsome.  She told about her effort to make time for the little things, like taking walks with her Chihuahua.  She strives to continue to make time for herself every day, and honestly shares her struggle to do so.  How do you keep going when you don’t reach your wellness goals?  We all know how tough it is to take time for yourself.  Kathryn is so inspiring to me, because she keeps trying and doesn’t let herself get too discouraged. 


One thing I loved about Kathryn’s story is her resilience to keep doing what she loves, even on days when everything goes wrong.  She spoke about her journey of learning to assume that things are going to go wrong.  She now focuses on accepting what she can do and letting go of the things that she can’t do.  She shared that there is not one “sustainable” answer. Every method and fabric has draw backs for the environment.  But for Kathryn, running an ethical label means making the right decisions day to day with the resources she has.  

You will love this episode, not only because of Kathryn’s amazing story, but because it will encourage you to ask the tough question: am I making choices based on my priorities?  I hope it also inspires you to be resilient.  Because life is going to get tough sometimes, and that’s okay!


Maintaining a Clear Focus on What’s Important and Organic Farming E3

Screen Shot 2018-05-02 at 8.01.02 PMSarah Leong and her partner, Pat, are the farmers at Squashington Farm, an organic farm in Mount Horeb WI.  Squashington has been alive in their hearts since 2013, and became a reality in 2016.  Today they continue to grow food for themselves, their friends and family, and community.

Maintaining a clear focus on what’s important:

One of the things I found most inspiring about Sarah’s story is how she always trusts her intuition.  She gracefully moves through life, embracing opportunities as they come and accepting set backs as part of her path.  She has created a routine with her partner that effortlessly supports their goals.  From slow mornings with a good breakfast and coffee to fieldwork, her days are spent intentionally.  She credits her mom for providing her with an understanding of the connectedness of the world.  Her well-rounded view of health goes far beyond the organic vegetables she grows. 

Living and eating with the seasons:

As a farmer, living with the seasons is part of the job description. Sarah’s world exists in the ebb and flow of nature’s timeline. But living more seasonally is something Sarah encourages her community to do as well.  She speaks about the benefits of eating locally and preserving food.  Living and eating with the seasons encourages more mindful decisions and a slower pace of life.  She sets her priorities to get the most out of what each season has to offer.   She is a believer in taking the time to make a big mess and preparing food for a whole year.  She shares that there is no easy way to do it, it will take a long time but it will be worth it.  

Belonging to a community that sustains itself:

Sarah speaks so warmly about the community where she lives and works.  She shares that her favorite aspect of running a business is being integrated into the lives of those in the community.   Having learned farming on their own, Sarah says that she and Pat have gained so much knowledge from folks in the area.  She likens her community to a closed loop system where the members take care of each other and that is what makes them healthy.

You will love this episode because of Sarah’s refreshingly connected perspective of nature and community.  I hope you leave with a renewed  respect for the different seasons in your own life!


How Living with Less Can Lead to So Much More E2

Screen Shot 2018-05-02 at 7.58.28 PM.pngCourtney Carver was one of the first bloggers to tackle the power of simplicity.  She has shown readers and followers how important simplicity is to improving our health, building more meaningful relationships and relieving stress in our lives.  I first met Courtney at a book signing for her new book Soulful Simplicity and I absolutely fell in love with her story and her message.  Today she continues to get real about all of the lies society tells us about success and happiness so that we can show up as our best selves and live the life we deserve. 


As someone who is working to share my own journey with others, this was such an important topic for me to talk about.  Courtney shares her perspective on allowing things to happen in their own time.  And the importance of giving yourself time to process them.  An important part of her story was allowing it to unfold on it’s own.  If you have a crazy brain like I do, you might be always trying to chase the answers and predict the future.  Courtney reminds us that patience is queen when it comes to letting things marinate so they can reveal themselves.


Oh my goodness were my eyes opened when I first heard about the concept of busy-ness.  Courtney points out that in today’s society, we wear our busy-ness as a badge of honor and we use it to justify our worth.  And ain’t that the truth!  Courtney shares how she needed to change the measuring system of how she measured her own worth.  She says she could no longer measure who she was by how much she accomplished.  Is anyone else guilty of that?   Courtney reminds us that we need to give our work breathing room and allow ourselves to be curious so that we can create more intentionally.   A tool Courtney uses is morning meditation that helps her move through her day with intention instead of just bouncing from thing to thing.   I love when she speaks about focusing on consistency over intensity, because it is the things that we do every day that make up our lives!


It is just so dang easy to start to compare ourselves.  I love when Courtney says: we are desperate to measure ourselves against something.  She is right on.  How much time do we spend looking at our neighbor or even at our own expectations of who we should be or what we should be doing?  Instead of asking the world what will make us happy, Courtney suggests looking inward and asking ourselves.  She encourages us resist the temptation to find an easy answer in what our peers are doing and instead take a hard look at what we need to be doing to reach our own goals.

You’ll love this episode for how honest and on point Courtney is when she talks about why she decided to trust herself and stop listening to all of the noise out there.  If speaks to your heart even a fraction of how much she has spoken to mine, I promise my friend you’ll start to see places in your own life that you could change for the better!


My Simplicity Story and What You Can Expect From This Podcast E1


Screen Shot 2018-05-02 at 7.56.18 PM.png

Wow, THANK YOU for being here with me! 

I am so excited to be sharing my journey towards simplicity and having you here to learn right along side me from kick-booty women who are seriously making waves when it comes to redefining success and health.

In this first episode I am sharing how I stumbled upon the idea of simple living and how the idea grew into something that completely changed my life.  I will highlight a couple of the big ah-ha moments I had. And how, slowly but surely I am learning to make more space in my life.


My simplicity journey started with my dad’s terminal cancer diagnosis.   In this episode I talk about choosing to focus on love in the face of fear.  It doesn’t need to be a terminal illness that strike fear into our lives.  Fear is a driving factor in so many of our everyday decisions.  Now when I am feeling overwhelmed by certain emotions or circumstances, I am able to trace that feeling back to a deeper rooted feeling of fear.  Once I recognize that, then I have more perspective and am able to address my circumstance from a place of love.  Living with less has helped me to create space for more love in my life when I am able to let go of those things, physical and emotional, that are based in fear.  


When I moved away from metropolitan life to small town Wisconsin with my husband, I worried a lot about loosing touch with my health, my style and my life.  As a 23 year old, newly married entrepreneur, who barely left her home and was suddenly in a place where she only knew two people, I had some work ahead of me to figure out how I was going to live the life that I wanted.  In many ways it was a fresh start for me.  A chance to say: Here I am, and I have an opportunity to live the life I want to live.   We all have the capacity to make the most out of life’s circumstances but it requires looking at our lives from a place of love which is not always easy. 


These days I can usually be found in my studio or my kitchen surrounded by snacks and a mess. Because despite the stigma associated with minimalism, living a simple isn’t about a pristine home or stark white, bare walls.  It’s about getting rid of everything in your life that isn’t serving you, so you can focus on the things that are.  

It is easy to get caught up in the lie that there is a right way to live a sustainable lifestyle.  This podcast is not going to be a place where we sit and listen to experts telling us the right and wrong ways to live simply and sustainably, leaving you feeling like you can’t eat a burger or like you need to go out and buy hemp sheets.  Instead, it is going to be a positive uplifting space that starts conversations.  I want you to be able to show up here as yourself with an open heart and an open mind listen to other people who might have a different way of doing things, that really might serve you.  I want it to be a place where you can try on things that you like and leave things that you don’t like.  Because this is all about creating a life that serves you, and that is going to look different for every single person. 

I hope you love this episode and it inspires you to open your mind to what living more simply could look like in your life!